Over the Years We Went from an Antenna to Cable to DirecTV

We have lived here in this community for 40 years. When we first built our house here we added a TV antenna to the chimney. We could pull in two channels kind of clear, and a third one would come in kind of fuzzy. All the neighbors had antennas too. Then we got cable after watching the cable trucks string the main lines one spring. Our antenna finally came down and so did the ones at the neighbors. Then a neighbor a few years ago told me to get DirecTV today because it had more channels for a better price. I was open to the idea. My wife and I like our TV watching time together in the evenings, so a small dish went up on the roof.

We get comfortable on the couch after our evening walk around our neighborhood, and we have a snack and watch our favorite shows and movies. The last few years have presented a problem for us with cable. We have up to four favorite shows that need to record at the same time on the same evening. The cable system still could not handle that but the new DirecTV could. We upgraded our DirecTV equipment to take advantage of the new stuff that was available. Our old receiver box was getting kind of old.

We were amazed at what satellite offered us with the old receiver box, and were equally amazed at what we were getting with the new system. The nice thing is that with our service agreement we had we were eligible for the upgrade. We just kept putting off taking advantage of it. Us older folks take our time with decisions. Our TV watching time is now all that much better. We never miss any episodes of our favorite shows. The new DVR is capable of recording a lot more hours of HD programming too.