Speeding Up Websites with Better Php Development

Some of the most visited websites are based on an open source content management system. It is always being developed and further secured. It has many plugins available for it, and most businesses have their own themes and plugins written for it. People visiting the websites cannot even tell the engine under the hood that is powering the site. However, even though it is very popular and very reliable, there are tweaks that we needed to do for our high-traffic website. We consulted a php development company to help us to get our site to run a little faster with all of the plugins we had running.

Plugins are things that do anything from run ecommerce to displaying ads. We run several that have been custom made just for our business. That is part of the beauty of open source in that you can do a whole lot of customization. However, tracking down some slow downs in the code that was interfering with the experience our customers were having at our website was not so easy. That is why we turned it over to some experts who could look at our php development to find the ways things could be sped up.

It is funny how that just a second our two can cause you to lose visitors to your website. People are impatient. If the loading problem is on your end, you should do what you need to do to fix it. Not all speed problems with domains loading can be blamed on server response times. The company we was working with actually has a track record of speeding up websites while moving them to smaller servers. With the open source code, there can be issues in a process that might not be noticed. Getting some fresh eyes on our domain helped make it fast again.