5 Essential SEO Tips for Adobe Muse Sites | MuseThemes.com

Boost your rankings! Here are 5 essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that you should implement into your Adobe Muse website right away.

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19 Replies to “5 Essential SEO Tips for Adobe Muse Sites | MuseThemes.com”

  1. J.D. Oldenburg16/05/2017 at

    This was great. How does the last tip translate into actions on muse? Where in there do I ad the words so my site is aimed at a smaller pond? is it in the keywords section in the metadata window of each page on my site map? Thank you!

  2. Chase Reiner SEO16/05/2017 at

    Thanks this is great SEO information. What do you think about my videos? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM secret tricks as well.

  3. Elena Lazova16/05/2017 at

    Has anyone used SerpClix to increase their organic CTR for Google rankings? I've read good results.

  4. Lisa Cozzetti16/05/2017 at

    Very well done! Perfectly clear audio. Well spoken. Easy to understand without being dull.

  5. Katya Greene16/05/2017 at

    Thank you! Used your advice to do SEO for my upcoming website.

  6. H -Designs16/05/2017 at

    Thanks a lot for the very useful tips !

  7. Teodora Vasileva16/05/2017 at

    Great tips! Thank you so much!:)))

  8. aconroy816/05/2017 at

    Thanks for the video, it's great! I have a question though…I have already published my site so in addition to redoing the FTP to my hosting provider will I also have to resend my sitemap to google for the SEO changes to occur? Thanks! 🙂

  9. Grant Nolin16/05/2017 at

    Excellent tips! Really well put together.

  10. Jenya Nikiforova16/05/2017 at

    Thanks from russia, wonderful tips!!

  11. Annette D16/05/2017 at

    Great video, thank you so much for doing it and putting it out. I guess there are several things I still need to do!

  12. Paul Hitchman16/05/2017 at

    As always very valuable information. Would it be possible in the future to add to this and touch base on "keywords" and also HTML for <head>: (?) The bonus tip, I'm guessing, is pretty much a keyword search but can you expand on this…?

  13. John Macpherson Allan16/05/2017 at

    As always great advice thank you Steve

  14. Jose Francisco Villaplana16/05/2017 at

    Very easy and helful. Thanks. Please more about SEO tips for Muse.

  15. Marvin Glenn16/05/2017 at

    Love it, keep them coming… Thank You!

  16. Ryder Britton16/05/2017 at

    Another great video by the team at Muse Themes. You guys rock, thank you.

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