How To Use SEO Silos / Site Structure To Maximise Your Visibility In The Search Results 🖊

Search engines love to award the top rankings to sites that prove to be the best fit for a topic or search result. Sites that think deeply about how they are structured have a major tendency to rank extremely well in search.

In this video, I talk about how SEO silos work and give you a good example of one in action. After the video is done grab your pen and some paper to map out your own. Should only take a couple of seconds (and will be majorly overshadowed by how much content you’ll have to write after haha!)

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4 Replies to “How To Use SEO Silos / Site Structure To Maximise Your Visibility In The Search Results 🖊”

  1. Andrew Copp17/05/2017 at

    Do you have a course on how to silo mate?

  2. Mark H17/05/2017 at

    what about applying this to a local service based business that offers about 5 services for each surrounding city??

  3. Ann-Marie Brown17/05/2017 at

    Would love an expanded version of this video – especially one that takes an existing site and goes through the changes you would need to make to put the content into either virtual or physical silos! This video is great though! Thank you!

  4. Mike Steffens17/05/2017 at

    What diagramming software are you using? Nice video by the way, it's great that you don't over complicate the concept of content silos.

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