Keyword Placement, Density & Seo Friendly URLS (Professional SEO Training) 7

Today I Gona Teach You the Following Things in this Video :-
1. Keyword Placement and its Density
2. Seo Friendly URLs

Keywords and their placement are one of the most written about aspects of search engine optimization, but the reality is that for modern day SEO there are only two things to think about:

1. Am I using too many keywords?
2. Am I using too few keywords?

The rule for post titles is easy. Use keyword phrases only once. For the actual content it’s a little more complicated. Keyword density is the percentage of words in your content that form a keyword phrase. Most SEO experts agree that the best keyword density is between 1 and 2 percent. That means that in an article of 600 words, somewhere between 6 and 12 words should be part of a keyword phrase.

More than that makes content appear spammy; less and it may be difficult for search engines to accurately pick up what the content is about and you may not rank for some phrases.

A well-optimized URL is one that isn’t too long and contains 2-5 words describing the content

An unoptimized URL can be off-putting to users because it’s not clear where it leads and looks untrustworthy. It’s also not good for SEO because it has no keywords and doesn’t describe the content.

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