17 Replies to “Squarespace SEO Tips | Squarespace 7 | Squarespace Tutorial Video”

  1. connor brown16/05/2017 at

    perfect. When I finished my first site I had no clue about the background work that had to go in to get it on search engines. THANK YOU

  2. apex fitness supplies16/05/2017 at

    Thanks for this, great video, extremely helpful for someone making there first site.
    keep up the good work….

  3. Brandon Murphy16/05/2017 at

    Thanks for all the great advice!

  4. Andy Slater16/05/2017 at

    I cannot thank you enough! Great video!

  5. Connor Strickland16/05/2017 at

    Hi! How did you get "Store, Services, etc" to show up underneath your site name in Google? Thanks!

  6. Chase Reiner SEO16/05/2017 at

    Thank you this is wonderful SEO info. What do you think about my playlists? I love to discuss SEO, SEM, and SMM secret tips as well.

  7. N Wind16/05/2017 at

    Thanks for the tips! I have a bunch of pictures on my site http://www.nwindmedia.com do the titles of the pictures get indexed for SEO reasons?
    (I currently just have default camera titles on them)

  8. R. Scott Duncan16/05/2017 at

    I have a question about site title as well. I like my title but even if i put the line to separate what's after it shows on my website. Your example "squarespace talk | squarespace….Is there a way to hide it or are you making the font so large it only shows "Squarespace Talk" on your actual page?

  9. Jamil Gotcher16/05/2017 at

    For some reason I'm not able to add any description to the description fields on my squarespace website. When I click in the box it doesn't show that line that shows that your cursor has activated the box to type. What is the best way to contact Squarespace about this?

  10. Simon Clark16/05/2017 at

    Why does this guy say '-n' at the end of everything?

  11. Ian Taylor Photography16/05/2017 at

    I will have to try some of these. Squarespace has basically destroyed my SEO, which was very good for the 10 yrs I made my own site.

  12. Alex L16/05/2017 at

    Where is the SEO button? I can't find it in settings

  13. Anton Lagerblad16/05/2017 at

    Hi, good video! I have a question about the site title. In the video you have the site tile "squarespace talk | squarespace…." but on the site the title is squarespace talk. I like my current title but is possible would like to add more key words in it without it showing on the main page. Is this possible?

  14. TheBeautybound16/05/2017 at

    For the description of the pages, my template populates that onto the actual site by default. Is there anyway around that?

  15. Serge Daigneault16/05/2017 at

    Templates of Squarespace are great. SEO modules are not totally friendly user!
    1) What I expect from a SEO module is that I can add any title and description that I want freely. So, SS module oblige us to add a title tag in the Design Setting that add automatically the title to any page title meta. This is so bad. If my title is Greek New York Restaurant, this title tag will take already on each page 25 spaces from a maximum, of 55 that could be use for others important keywords. What a shame!  

    2) For the description, if I add it into the Page setting module, it showed on the page. The Description sees on the page and the meta description should be different.  

    Conclusion : In every SEO plug-in of others CMS, I can add a title and a description differents from that the text that show on the page. Even Wix is offering this feature. I have tried to input the meta description code with the advanced page setting and it is not working because the description taht it is show on the page is presented also as the meta name description. 

    Hope that some of you guys that present here nice support with nice words will be able to find a solution for a real problem.

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