Understanding SEO Part 2

http://goo.gl/f9DTj6 Learn how to do SEO the right way in this new era of search. This episode will show you how you need to optimize for people and not the search engine to produce better effects on your search engine optimization.

You will learn about Author Rank, what it is and does, and how you can make your influence grow so that you can optimize better in the searches. Think social media doesn’t have anything to do with SEO? Think again. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out http://wadeharman.com/subscribe for more info and to hit the “Make A Friend” button!

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2 Replies to “Understanding SEO Part 2”

  1. Beth Lee Browning18/05/2017 at

    I enjoyed the discussion +Wade Harman , +Joshua Berg , and +Yifat Cohen ! The part about writing for readers first is near and dear to my heart.

  2. Wade Harman18/05/2017 at

    Catch The Replay
    Today +Joshua Berg, +Yifat Cohen, & myself talked about SEO.  It wasn't your normal talk about SEO, let me tell you!  You are going to learn some things about search optimization that you have probably never heard of before, and surprisingly, some of them have everything to do/nothing to do with SEO itself.  Find out which one's so you can make the necessary changes! 

    Great day today, thanks especially to all of you guys that have subscribed to the show via iTunes too!  If you like the show, let me know!  http://goo.gl/f9DTj6

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